National Policy

This section presents examples of national legislation, policies and implementation plans on alcohol.

Policy Publications

Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa [pdf 5.2Mb]

 A 2011 WHO publication which looks at a study and its findings regarding alcohol marketing in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia.

What do people think they know about Substance Dependence? [pdf 9.11kb]

A 2001 WHO publication looking at the myths and facts people have regarding alcohol use in order to help policy-makers in their work.

What you need to know about alcohol policy [pdf 373kb]

A 2009 WHO publication discussing alcohol use in the Americas and effective policies for reducing alcohol-related problems along with an overview of misconceptions regarding alcohol issues. 


Examples of National Legislation

  • The documents are presented in the manner in which they were submitted to WHO therefore the file format, document layout, language and quality varies.
  • While some countries provided the full documents, others only submitted the requested information by giving either extracts or condensed versions of the original document, a link to a website or just the requested text inserted in the space provided in the global survey. The information presented in this section therefore comes from one of these sources.
  • All documents are presented in the language in which they were received. However, some countries have provided a brief English translation of the relevant text.


Alcohol legislation in Brazil [pdf 226kb]

Alcohol legislation in India [pdf 284kb]

Alcohol legislation in the Netherlands [pdf 242kb]

Alcohol legislation in the Russian Federation [pdf 222kb]

Alcohol legislation in Switzerland - in French [pdf 880kb]

Alcohol legislation in the United Kingdom [pdf 260kb]