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Regulation & Legislation

Here you can find material about alcohol regulation and legislation related with production, selling and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

  • The documents are presented in the manner in which they were submitted to WHO therefore the file format, document layout, language and quality varies.
  • While some countries provided the full documents, others only submitted the requested information by giving either extracts or condensed versions of the original document, a link to a website or just the requested text inserted in the space provided in the global survey. The information presented on this website therefore comes from one of these sources.
  • All documents are presented in the language in which they were received. However, some countries have provided a brief English translation of the relevant text.


Alcohol legislation in Brazil [pdf 226kb]

Alcohol legislation in India [pdf 284kb]

Alcohol legislation in the Netherlands [pdf 242kb]

Alcohol legislation in the Russian Federation [pdf 222kb]

Alcohol legislation in Switzerland - in French [pdf 880kb]

Alcohol legislation in the United Kingdom [pdf 260kb]


The Global Information System on Alcohol and Health (GISAH)

GISAH information pertaining to the age limits for purchasing alcohol in various countries.

GISAH information regarding the licenses requirement for alcohol production and retail sales.